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About Diamond R Farm

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Here at Diamond R Farm, We are producing sound  stock for the Public, whether it be a reliable Paso Fino Horse or a Working German Shepherd. We have a small farm in the foothills of East Tennessee that we are bringing up-to-date.We just completed our ten stall barn and we are in the process of building a kennel to house at least eight dogs.

Our goal is to breed and sell quality Paso Fino horses and working German Shepherds that exceed the standards. Right now we have Seven Paso Fino horses, Two Stallions, Two Mares, and 2 Fillys and a Colt. We have 9adult German Shepherds for Breeding and Stud Service, 7 femaes and 2 males. They have their Hips Guaranteed thru the Orthropedic Foundation for Animals against hip dysplasia. As time goes by we will be purchasing more quality Dogs and Horses for Breeding Purposes.