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Paso Finos

It is the lateral four-beat gait that distinguishes the Paso Fino in the Equestrian World. As  it moves, the horse’s feet fall in a natural lateral pattern instead of the more common diagonal pattern, rather than trotting, causing the seat thumping bounce that can be unpleasant for horse and rider, the Paso Fino’s medium speed is a corto, during which the rider is reassuringly seated.The basic gaits of the Paso Fino in order of speed are the Paso Fino, Paso Corto, and Paso Largo.They also walk and canter. These are not trained movements, but are natural to the horse from the moment of its birth.

Paso Fino owners pride themselves in the naturalness of their animals, as with a child, an upbringing that includes good food, affection tempered with discipline, and lots of exercise, will assure that the horse best fulfills its potential. Artificial training aids are not necessary to bring about this genetically inherent gait.The gait itself is evenly spaced, with each foot contacting the ground independently.

The power of movement is generated primarily from the hind legs, and the impact of footfall is dissipated before it can reach the rider so that the ride is incomparably smooth.All Paso Fino gaits are a pleasure, but what most owners are looking for in a pleasure horse is not only beauty, sprit, courage, and disposition, but a comfortable medium-gait. That gait is the Corto. Comparable in speed to a trot, the Corto is the average trail gait. A well conditioned Paso Fino can travel at the Corto for hours, and thanks to the smooth gait, so can the rider.


Our Trainer

Camillo Sanchez is originally from Puerto Rico and has over 25 years experience in training horses, especially Paso Finos. He has trained and shown multiple Paso Finos who have either won or placed high in the national grand championship shows. He believes in breaking and training a horse without the use of physical correction. He is a past member of the board of the national Paso Fino horse association and is well versed in all aspects of raising, training and showing Paso Finos. He is available for breaking and training horses, for more information please contact him directly at 865-966-0872.

Our Horses


This is Cochise de Santa Cruz. A 7 year old Paso Fino Stallion. Offered for Stud.



This is La Tica leAlone, one of our older brood mares. She is very gentle and anyone can ride her.






This is Danialle de HGF. She is 11 years old and is one of our brood and pleasure mares.


This is Coral de Los Parejo Tiempo. He is 4 years old, good disposition, and eager to please. Offered for Stud.


This is Roseitta. She is the 2 year old daughter of Tieka and Cochise.